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I wanted to thank you for the amazing work you have done at the wedding and the day before.I am so glad we managed to mentally connect so easily and you fit into our crowd perfectly. I don’t know how you could keep going, taking pictures and talking to all my friends at the same time!

Wedding in Tuscany

Oh, Italy my love - we meet again and, as always, you never seize to amaze me. Wedding in Tuscany is always amazing, and I was super excited to come here back again to document another love affair of two amazing souls. Tenuta Bichi Borghesi is a privately owned villa in the heart of Tuscany short drive away from Siena. Situated in a remote and tiny village, it's any destination wedding photographer dream. A long time ago it was used as an animal farm it's now belonging to the same beautiful family and is used as a winery and even a place for weddings. As Bichi Borghesi Wedding Photographer I'm absolutely amazed by this location and people and can only stay humble and grateful that I've had a chance to meet Katya and Philippe who fell in love in Tuscany long time ago and decided to get married here.


Bichi Borghesi Wedding

For all the reasons above and only of their love of good Italian food, nature and character Katya and Philippe knew early in their relationship that when the time comes, they will get married here in Tuscany. Bichi Borghesi was a great choice and a perfect venue for their friends and family to celebrate a long wedding weekend and leave with unforgettable memories. Most of the guests arrived earlier and enjoyed the local Tuscany nature as well as had a chance to explore the vineyards and the area itself. The wedding morning started calmly as Katya and Philippe were preparing for the ceremony in their apartments. The service was in a stunning location overlooking the beautiful Tuscany countryside, and it was all a very emotional affair with both, Katya and Philippe reading their vows. The rest of the day thanks to the great weather, was all held outside. All in all, it was a celebration of Italian cuisine and beautiful locally produced wine. Dinner itself was organised under the sky as well and created a spectacular setting. The rest of the party was just fantastic and haven't stopped till early hours in the morning. For me, as a destination wedding photographer, weddings like this is a dream! Thank you so much, Katya and Philippe, for having me there with you and creating unforgettable memories.

I've absolutely loved to photograph this amazing wedding and if you're looking for a Wedding Photographer in Tuscany or planning your Bichi Borghesi Wedding, don't hesitate and get in touch to book me to photograph your wedding in Italy.


Lastly, I’d love for you to have a look at this little slideshow from this beautiful Bichi Borghesi Wedding and I hope you’ll really enjoy it