Lancashire Wedding Photographer


“Thank you very much for everything! Your attention to detail, dedication and ability to take pictures of the most beautiful and not scripted moments are absolutely wonderful. We cannot recommend you highly enough!”

Lancashire Wedding Photography

Gabija’s and George DIY wedding was simply a pleasure to document. One of my first, however, I must say, probably one of the most relaxed weddings this season. Definitely a good start and I don’t know if that has anything to do with all the Yoga that Gabija was doing in the morning.

We couldn’t have had it more beautiful than that. No hotels or rented venues can compare to the atmosphere you can create at home. It was such a beautiful and emotional moment to be pronounced a husband and wife by our closest family and friends in the kitchen where George grew up. It couldn’t had been more perfect.”

And Perfect it was. My kind of Perfect. With friends and family helping with every little bit in the morning, self-made flowers, “unexpected” rain and the ceremony in the kitchen; DJ Set instead of the first dance and some old traditional Lithuanian games. Finally, as it always happens, a wedding party in the pool.
Super relaxed and fun day for which I’m unconditionally grateful to both of you…