Hackney Round Chapel Wedding | Jewish Wedding Photographer


Thanks so much Motiejus these are awesome! You were so great and were such a fun presence on the day – we knew you were the right person for us and we were so right. My mum loved you as well 😀 We’re off to the airport in a couple of hours but I just wanted to say thanks, look forward to hearing from you when we get back!

Wedding Photographer London

As a London wedding photographer, I do get a pleasure to document weddings in various venues and of various people in London. Sarah & Stephen was no exception. After learning that they are both professional musicians I knew it straight away that this wedding will be full of energy, music and dancing. I was not disappointed... 

Hackney Round Chapel

Hackney Round Chapel is a marvellous historic 19th century building in East London. Still widely used for various concerts and other functions it is, as well, an amazing venue for weddings. Sarah and Stephen decided to have their wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast followed by an amazing party right here and it was breathtaking. The space and interior of this venue are simply gorgeous and combined with the all the musical elements that were a key to their wedding day it was a simple pleasure to photograph it. 

The Wedding

What happens when two professional musicians get married invite 200 of their best family and craziest friends in spectacular Hackney Round Chapel. A whole massacre with 3 bands Israeli Dancing and a live performance by bride and groom. Loads of energy excitement and emotions. It’s nothing but a privilege to document such a wonderful wedding and thank you, Sarah and Stephen, for having me with you.

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