Humanist Wedding Photography


“We are absolutely speechless and blown away… Thank you so much! You were incredible over last two days and have added to the whole occasion and been a lovely presence throughout.”

Humanist Wedding Photographer


This one was a very special wedding for me…
A good half a year before Kirsty’s and Tom wedding I’ve got a call from my very good friend mine Richard asking if I would like to document a wedding of his best friend Tom where he’ll be his best man. Nothing out of the ordinary you could say, however, the thing is that Richard is a wedding photographer himself and he was the 1st photographer ever who took me working as his assistant six years ago when I’ve just arrived in the UK.

Here it goes. Richard, a great wedding photographer who showed me, a naive 2o something years old guy, ins and outs of wedding photography now wants and trusts me enough to document a wedding of his very dear and best friend! Well, If you believe in milestones as a significant achievement in order of personal development this was a freaking huge one for me. No pressure, Motiejus.

One thing I was quick to realise was that how lovely Kirsty and Tom actually is. Both being together for a long time and with a wonderful presence of their two little boys, here it was –  family, as one call, a perfect wedding client. This wedding was simply a celebration of love and achievements together as a family and being surrounded by very closest friends. Simple and true.

Two days. Same Story. One Love.

Thanks, Richard and Thank You Kirsty and Tom for trusting and allowing me to be there and witness this simply beautiful affair.