Froyle Park Wedding Photography


We are so delighted by the pictures that you've captured, Motiejus - they are absolutely briliant! Thank you so much!

Froyle Park Wedding

Dating all the way back to 17th century, Froyle park is a marvellous and elegant classic estate located in Upper Froyle. A small and magnificent village not only enhances the look of the venue itself but offers loads of great picture opportunities just a minute walk away. Talking about the place itself, as a Froyle Park wedding photographer I can say that it quickly falls to the list of my ten favourite venues to organise a wedding in the South of England. Once here, you'll see a by a beautiful pathway towards the entrance and a beautiful fountain. The versatility of this country estate is excellent too. With availability to be able to have your ceremony outside or a great hall which is still alive with history. Not to mention, a local village church which has the best and most chilled priest I have ever met is just a step away.


Froyle Park Wedding Photographer

Flying all the way back from Honk Hong Stephanie and Chris decided to have their celebrations here at Froyle Park, and it was my pleasure to be chosen as their wedding photographer. The day itself went super smoothly and was not short of laughter fun and emotions. Full of girls and excitement in the morning it quickly turned to a lovely and emotional ceremony for Chris and Stephanie. It was fascinating to capture a little and intimate moment when after the service the couple went to a different room and seeing those tears of joy. The rest of the was super fun and happy with Chris Uni friends singing acapella (later getting the groom on stage as well as a surprise for Stephanie) to all the other fun and crazy dancing followed by the evening. It was an absolute joy to be a wedding photographer here at Froyle park for such a lovely and fun wedding. Thank you so much Stehpanie and Chris, for having me to document your wonderful day.

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