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Holy shit that looks amazing!!!!! You’re the best!

London Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, I do get to travel all over the world capturing people stories and love. Haven't said that, sometimes some fantastic things happening just next door where I live - in East London. Have been living here for more than 9 years I can confidently say that this is my favourite part of the city with all the vibe and quirks and, of course, people. Always entertaining, creative and sometimes different. For that and many other reasons being London wedding photographer is absolutely fabulous!


Clissold House Wedding

Jennifer and Scott are exactly the couples I was talking about just now. Both living in East London, both super creative and both lovely and down to earth human beings. For their wedding venue, they chose a beautiful house in Stoke Newington called Clissold House which was perfect to host their closest family and friends. I let the pictures do the justice of what was an absolutely amazing and fun day to photograph. Jenifer and Scott, thank you so much for having me there with you and your family.

 If you're looking for a wedding photographer in East London or planing your Clissold House Wedding, please do get in touch and it will be my pleasure to photograph your wonderful wedding day!