Destination Wedding in India


Destination Wedding Photography - India

As locals like to call it “God’s Own Land” – Kerala is a very special spot in the whole of India. Not only that, it’s probably a simple dream location for every destination wedding photographer. I’ve never dreamed about the ability to shoot somewhere remote like this until, of course, I’ve met them two..

We’ve spent our first afternoon with Neera & Sundeep during their engagement session in East London in the spring and since that moment they made me feel a like a very special member of their family. And I did feel like one… Three amazing days in tropical India with them and their closest people were simply breathtaking.

I’ve seen and experienced everything – crazy Indian roads and friendly locals, sounds and colours, the spiciest food I’ve ever had, an actual elephant, humidity and shooting in true monsoon rain (still can’t believe how my camera survived it)… Most importantly, the ability to be and document such an important event in their lives. The only wish.. to get back for more!
This is just a small preview of what was a journey and the wedding of the year…