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A destination wedding is a remarkable experience, from researching and planning locations, venues and accommodations to organising best experience for your family and friends. Finally, putting all those pieces together so you can have an unforgettable experience of your most precious weekend. I'm proud to say that as a destination wedding photographer I do understand and all the challenges and logistics involved in creating that unforgettable experience and I'm very privileged to be able to capture the various weddings, elopements and stories of people in magnificent locations all over the world.

Planning and organising your wedding in an unknown location and surrounding can be a daunting task and I completely appreciate how busy it can get. With my services, I always aim to create a seamless experience for you. Hiring me as your destination wedding photographer is always a stress-free experience. We'll spend time discussing all your needs and requirements beforehand either in person or over old-fashioned Skype and no detail will be forgotten. 

Most of the time destination weddings are not a one-day event, but more likely a weekend festivities including a family and friends dinner a day before and sometimes a bbq or a fun boat trip the next day. For me, a wedding is a story and these gathering, like a rehearsal dinner or a little next day party is a part of your story and must be documented. I always fly to your wedding location two days in advance. This gives me an opportunity to adapt to different time zone, scout the location and be there ready for your big day.  The booking and the fee structure will be set and explained for you in advance including travel and accommodation costs. As mentioned previously, the booking process will be simple and pain free experience. 

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Recent Destination Wedding Stories 

Take time and have a look at some of my recent and favourite wedding stories from destination weddings all around the world. 
Feel free to get in touch anytime about my availability and pricing and I will be delighted to discuss all your wedding plans and details in person. 


Every one of us is unique so is every wedding. I love this. I'm always committed to weaving together all the moment in your day. All those fleeting, intimate, joyful, lost-in-the-blink-of-an-eye moments that pop out and illuminate when you bring so many amazing people together. Magic always happens.

As a photographer, I’m curious and spontaneously creative. I have a lot of experience, but sometimes the best results come from ideas that happen on the spot. A moment, a look. I love the histories and the stories that unfurl between people. Here I kind of meant tales of people in their lives, then the stories that happen between them on the day - diachronic and synchronic. There are still so many things I haven’t seen, and so much of it surprises and delights me every day. I try different things and always look for new ways to see. It's your day, and it's unique, so I'm always about capturing human and creating stories. Your story is not a formula of set poses or repeating someone else's wedding. These images and stories grow out of your personality, your quirks and happiness. 

And me? I take something from every story I create, every wedding I attend, every day.

Destination wedding photography