In my career, I’ve had a chance to document people and their stories in some incredible locations such as US, France, Italy, Cyprus, Dubai, Canada, Algeria, Switzerland, England, Spain, India, Bangladesh, Lithuania and more. Each and every time I get more and more in love with travelling and experiencing new places. It challenges me to see things that sometimes might look ordinary to others. All these adventures leave a vivid memory that lasts years and even today they look as fresh as new.
I’ll never forget that wedding in the village of Tuscany where I’ve been given a chance to drive Antonio’s vintage Fiat 500 given to him by his grandad or the gratitude of Abbey of San Galgano during another grand Italian sunset. Shooting a wedding in Kerala, India in the massive monsoon rain while both myself and my couple got soaking wet. The vibe, colours and that “80’s movie-purple” sunset in Santa Monica, L.A with Douglas & Steven was so incredible that we are still playing with the idea of moving there (but hey, who doesn’t?). How about the most peaceful and picturesque city of Geneve where after 10 min walk you’re surrounded by breathtaking mountains beyond the lake. The village in Spain with the population of a 100, while next day after the wedding we eat probably my best ever tasting paella made by Debbie’s mum. The incredible chaos in Dhaka, Bangladesh where the number of people is way too complicated to understand and then driving away to the jungle in the north to see tea plantations or a train passing by as close as one metre next to me in the middle of the forest.There as so much more memories and stories to tell and it would probably take more than a few bottles of wine to keep them going.
All of this because of travel. Because of people who trusted me and allowed me to do what I do: to document their love, stories and experiences. It’s all because of Photography.

Some of my favourite Destination Weddings

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