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One to One Teaching for Wedding Photographers

I've been very lucky to be able to be living from doing what I love for more than 8 years now. Started as a portrait photographer I've made a full time move to the wedding photography 5 years ago and never looked back. The journey itself was and still is a very rewarding learning experience with all the ups and downs along the way. I've made mistakes, changed my business model, worked on improving my style and branding, failed and enjoy success. I've worked with and learned from many talented creatives, made friends and been inspired countless times. All of this for a simple reason - making a living of running a successful business by doing what I love the most and creating memories for people that can treasure forever.

Being a photographer and running your own business is a rewarding, however, lonely experience. Needless to say, having a network of like-minded creatives helps massively. Having someone to run by the ideas, having constructive feedback and simply develop your skills is priceless. Not only it's motivating to move forward and improve, but it's also a great morale boost, particularly when you feel stuck - and that happens to all of us. No matter if you only starting as a wedding photographer or simply need to improve in some areas of running a successful photography business - I'm here. Happy to help with all my knowledge and experience.

Destination Wedding Photography in Tuscany

Every photographer is unique, therefore the training is unique and personal as well. We will be able to cover specific areas that you would like to work on and improve. Some of the topics that we will be able to focus on:

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This is a 12-month programme where you will be working together with my trough every single aspect of your photography business. From branding and business, improving your photography, mastering workflow, client relationships and anything else that you might need. We will focus and identify your weaknesses and will be working on finding the best way to achieve your growth as a photographer. It's a very personal mentorship where you'll have me as an extension to your business and we will work towards your goals over the year. I will be referring you enquiries I get that will be within your price range.

Twelve 90 minutes mentoring sessions
FB or WhatsApp messaging support
Three full day one on one sessions
Three second shoots with me at my weddings

Price - £2,295 (Monthly payment options available: 12 x £192pm)



Face to face training takes place at either at my in London or your home (Travel charges are applied). During a full-on day training we’ll be focusing on every aspect of your brand and business, as well as, creative approach to photography and I will be here to answer any questions that you might have and provide you with the personal guidance plan. A complimentary 1 hour Skype follow up session within a month will be included as well. Only available on a weekdays (Mon-Thurs).

Full day training - £900
Half day training - £500



This is a great option for one-off advice or guidance if you don't want to sign up for regular training but would benefit with something specific that I can offer. It's a great opportunity to cover any topic, review and critique your wedding or portfolio and learn more about my work and business. Have a list of questions and I will be more than happy to answer it all. It's a perfect opportunity to learn some of my photography tips and secrets. Only available on a weekdays (Mon-Thurs).

120 min session - £200
Set of (3 x 90 min) sessions - £500



I would love to hear from you and help you with your photography business journey. Fill in the contact form bellow and feel free to tell me more about your business and areas that you would love to improve.

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